Monday, October 11, 2010

The mother's version of Psalm 23

Lord be my guide, my priorities, my needs and my wants are not first in my life.

Help me find the quiet time each day

So that I may be restored and refreshed

that you lead me through my day

so that I many live a God- paced life

Tho life as a mom is hard

Tho I may feel like I am in this all alone

I will not fear, I will not be weary, I will not grow tired

For you are my provider, for you are my strength, for you are my rock

This comforts me, Tho I may not be well with my circumstances I am well within my soul.

You have prepared this day and my future before me.

You have given me all that I need to live the way you want me to.

As a mom, as a wife you have given me more that enough so that I can give back to you, to my husband and my children and still have enough for me.

Thank you Jesus for your love and grace that is given to me each day of my life

I will abide in you simply and purely forever.


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