Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Together Forever

January 8th, 2011 our family became a forever family.

The entire day was an emotional one (in a positive way, of course!) and honestly, one of the best days of my life. Before heading to the temple, we met some friends, family, and the missionaries at the church for a word of prayer before making the near two hour journey to the Sacramento Temple. We got there with enough time to take pictures outside, and boy was it cold!

We were so blessed to have so much love and support. Most of our ward was there. I had family make a long trip from northern Oregon. My best friend flew down from Washington. One of the missionaries that helped bring the gospel back into our lives came all the way from Utah. Their attendance meant so much to us and I am so grateful for their love.

I remember looking over at my husband and seeing him dressed in white. I literally fell in love with him all over again (He said the same thing too, bless his heart). We have been together since high school and that day was the day we celebrated 10 years of being together, and only a few months earlier we celebrated 5 years of marriage. My heart is still so full when I think back to that tender moment.

One thing that I will never forget is seeing my daughter and son come into the sealing room dressed in white. It was one of the most precious things I have ever seen. So innocent. So pure. I am so glad that at 4 years old my daughter was able to understand that she was going to be able to be with mommy and daddy forever and that she is old enough to be able to remember it. My son was a doll. When he came in, carried by one of the temple attendants, he looked up at the chandelier and said "Lights!" followed by "no no's.... no no's" (while still looking up at them)... it was cute and made everyone in the room smile. Although I have been married for several years already, those new vows we spoke were the ones that mattered.

I am so grateful for the temple. I am so grateful that we were able to set that example for our children... that families can be together forever... and that we did what it took to take them there.

Our lives have been so enriched from that experience. We have a deeper love for each other. I have a deeper love and appreciation for the gospel... for family history... for everything, really. I know that I speak for both my husband and myself when I say that we can't wait to go back. There is truly no place on earth that can compare to the peace felt within those walls.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! What a beautiful experience and day. I'm glad so many loved ones were able to be there with you. When Tom and I were married and sealed in the temple I didn't cry at all during the sealing (surprising huh?) but the one time I did cry was when we walked into the room and I saw all the friends and family that came to support it. It was a small crowd but it really touched my heart that they were all there for us.